'Hand to Mouth'

by Joseph Kelly


Casting Call Out

Deadline 5th February

Wellspring are excited to open submissions for their casting process of upcoming R+D Hand to Mouth.


If you believe you suit one or more of these roles please apply via the link provided to our Mandy casting breakdown. If you do not have access to Mandy please send spotlight CV’s with Showreels to: wellspringcasting@gmail.com


Deadline to apply is 5th February 2021 - we will respond to all applicants by 8th February 2021.


If you are invited for an audition we will ask you to submit a self tape, reading sides from the play, followed by a potential second round zoom chat with the team.


This project is paid at £400 a week and the R+D will be take place in early March.


Apart from the gender the character identifies as, we are interested to see actors from any background. We particularly support applications from the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.


Male - Mid-Late 30s

Gig economy worker who makes his money through delivery driving, football coaching and the odd babysitting job. Extremely blunt, straight talking and equipped with a razor-sharp wit. Hardened by multiple periods of financial difficulty throughout his life, he has developed a robust work ethic and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

Mandy Link


Female - Late 20s

Born into a family that relied on the state for income - 1 of 7 siblings – Due to her own experiences working long hours and low wages to "transcend" her economic background, she is highly conservative in her attitudes to welfare and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Mandy Link


Female - Late 30s - Early 40s

Babysitter & Domiciliary Carer - Precariat Gig Economy Worker - A very sensory person - Tanisha is incredibly good-natured, tenacious, and spirited. She is bubbly and quick to laugh at herself but is somewhat broken down by the pressures of her work. When push comes to shove, she can be fiercely protective of those in her care. 

Mandy Link


Female - Any Playing Age

Kitty is a piece of artificial intelligence (slightly more developed than Siri or Alexa) but she should not speak in the standard RP voice that overly saturates this form of technology. An attempt has been made to personalise her and ‘bring her down to earth’. Her voice should sound humane and expressive but with bizarre inconsistencies in tone, fluidity and rhythm. NOTE: We are particularly looking for someone who has experience in Radio and Voice Over. A Voicereel will be needed to apply for this role.

Mandy Link