Coming Soon 2021

New Project with writer Joesph Kelly 

"A struggling gig-economy worker receives a lifeline when an affluent young couple hires him to babysit for their 4-month-old child. The job seems simple enough; until another man appears at the house also claiming to be the babysitter. As the mystery unfolds, the men become entrapped in a nightmare shift, both unwilling to leave the baby in the hands of the other. Through psychological realism, pitch black comedy and undertones of horror, we aim to create a taut social thriller that places the audience in the impossible position of not knowing which character to trust."

This play is partly based on conversations with clients of Zero Hours Justice, which is campaigning for fair treatment of zero hours contract workers.


For more information on the important work that Zero Hours Justice do, please click the logo to link to their website . For information about wellspring and Zero Hours Justice partnership please read the Blog below. 

Hand to Mouth 

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